The Gift of Observation

With the holidays approaching, it is a perfect time to start taking note of how everyone is bedazzling themselves. Most people will gravitate towards a certain metal or style and we encourage that! Jewelry is so personal to each individual. This year, show your loved ones you are paying attention to what they are wearing […]

5 Reasons To Buy From A Family Owned Jeweler

Aside from choosing the style or design, in the process of selecting your engagement or wedding ring you’re also deciding who to buy your jewelry from. Today’s jewelry market includes a mix of both mass market and small independent jewelers; each of which will have their own specific methods of making and selling jewelry, and […]

What’s Trending? Fall 2019 Jewelry

Staying on trend with jewelry can seem like running a race you can never win. There’s always something that’s newer, shinier and bolder. Keeping up with the most recent in jewelry fashion is fun, but it can be a lot of work!  We like to keep an eye out for the most interesting, shocking, and […]

Safe Storage for Fine Jewelry

We all have our jewelry collections, and over time things start to add up. With more pieces, storage can become more of a hassle than ever before. As you add new pieces of jewelry to your collection, you may be thinking of new ways to display and organize your current selections of rings, necklaces, earrings, […]

How Did a Law Student Open a Jewelry Store?

The Founder of Chrysella The Law Student Turned Jeweler Although I grew up around it, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with the family business. As a little kid, it was the very last place on earth that I wanted to be. While all of my friends were doing fun and festive things, I dreadfully […]

Jewelry Repair: What to Know and How to Maintain Your Jewelry

It’s happened. Your favorite ring’s stone setting has become loose, or maybe the link in the gold chain of your mother’s heirloom necklace has broken, and you can’t wear your go-to piece of jewelry anymore. The good news is that most damages to jewelry are completely repairable and, more often than not, preventable. What Can […]

Where and How to Sell Your Jewelry – Northern Virginia

Maybe you’re getting into the spring-cleaning spirit, or perhaps you’re making like Marie Kondo and embracing a minimalistic approach to life – whatever the reason is, people often get a point where they want to sell old jewelry to make room for new pieces or simply to let go of things they no longer use. […]