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Chrysella is A Family-Owned Business With Over 45 Years Of Experience in Designing And Crafting Some Of The World’s Most Beautiful Jewelry


Chrysella’s passion for jewelry is a family affair. A multigenerational family of jewelers providing communities with beautiful works is what separates Chrysella from any other jewelry store you’ll come across.


Andrew, Chrysella’s CEO, is a Gemological Institute of America graduate who also spent years becoming a certified gemologist in New York City. On top of knowledge and expertise passed down through family, the level of expertise behind each Chrysella piece is unmatched.


Chrysella embodies all the best characteristics of a mom and pop shop but blends that with the quality of the best in the business. Not only do we serve our community, but we are a part of it. And this level of familiarity transcends each and everyone of our projects no matter where you are ordering from.


We understand the importance of the business we are in. From personal deliveries, gifts, and a level of personalized attention you won’t find at a big brand jeweler, Chrysella’s care for you and your piece will be experienced in every interaction.



In his early 20s Michael Elawar immigrated to San Francisco, California without a dollar to his name and not knowing a word of english. Several years of odds and end jobs around the country eventually led to Michael enrolling in Monterey Peninsula College. After graduating he later opened a small music box shop on Cannery Row at the old Fisherman's Wharf right there in Monterey. The shop was directly across the street from a local jeweler and had grabbed Michaels attention.


As Michaels interest and passion grew for jewelry he began attending a jewelry school. Practicing and refining his skills every night, Michael soon began to display his own personally designed pieces on a small table at the hotel gift shop he had been working at.


Opened his first jewelry store in the same wharf and thus began his career as a jeweler. After the jewelry shop was up and running, Michael closed his music box store to focus on jewelry full time.


After several years of raising his family, relocating his jewelry business to Washington state, and even several years of moving the family back to Lebanon, Michael found himself in Roanoke, VA in the early 1990s. After running a small jewelry shop in Roanoke for some years the family relocated to Fredericksburg as his two daughters prepared to attend college in the area. Here he opened DND Jewelers in 2000, which has been in the same location for the last 20 years.


After years of being surrounded by his father’s passion and expertise, Andrew stepped up and took the helm of the family business. DND has since grown to new heights and has continued to serve it’s local community faithfully just like it has for the last 20 years. Using what he learned at the reigns of DND, Andrew opened Chrysella Fine Jewelry in the fall of 2018.

Our brand is inspired by a butterfly

A butterfly is a creature which undergoes a captivating transformation process from a caterpillar to beautiful whimsical butterfly. This transformation process parallels the journey that our custom designs and hand selected diamonds undergo before becoming yours.

And our name, Chrysella, is inspired by the chrysalis or the phase that a caterpillar undergoes before transforming into a beautiful butterfly. This in turn was the foundation for the Chrysella Process, the very simple steps we take to guide our customers from an abstract idea to a fully developed and completely unique jewelry product. Whether it’s for an engagement, anniversary, birthday or just a treat – we have you covered. Our mission is to break the barriers of uncertainty in the jewelry purchasing process and make it your own personal design adventure.

When I think of Chrysella, I think of transcendence well beyond jewelry. I think of the generations of artisans in my lineage that used their imagination to inspire a new era of modern day artisans—Artisans that couple ancient techniques with modern technology to craft the world’s most beautiful jewelry.

– Chrysella Founder, Andrew Elawar

We are here for you. Every step of the way.

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