Winter Wonderland Wedding Colors

When planning your wedding, what better season is there than winter? The falling snow seems to make everything around you fall silent. The snowflakes dusting the surrounding background offer a clean, fresh, and beautiful backdrop for photos. No one wants to take photos or wear a giant dress in the sweltering heat, so instead, embrace the beauty of winter!

Often, winter weddings are associated with greens and reds implying a Christmas party, but it is your day! Thanks to Pinterest, we have had our eyes opened to an entire world of fashion and décor for the chilly months. While we do love the green and red, we don’t feel the happy couple should be limited to just these colors.

One thing to consider for your special day is how to keep your wedding party warm. Gift your bridesmaids with a soft and warm shawl or fur for their entrance down the aisle. If your girls are wearing different colors that go with your theme of the day, we suggest a neutral color like taupe.

Keep the ice out of your professionally done hair by incorporating an umbrella with a pop of color! This will imply romance, keep you warm, and look super cute.

Another opportunity to show off your style and incorporate your theme is by shoe choice. Since you already need to wear something blue, try sporting some cerulean heels that will look dynamite against the white ground.

Our recipe for simple elegance is to choose two light and one dark color as your theme for the day. Creams, lilac, baby blue and silver compliment dark winter tones. If you are still wanting to feature green and gold, we suggest burgundy and emerald green.

Don’t be afraid of color this season! Your wedding day is the perfect time to be daring.


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