4 Things To Consider When Shopping For An Engagement Ring

So, you have a fiancé and you’ve arranged the perfect proposal. Now all that’s left is buying that dreamy engagement ring. That’s supposed to be the easy part, right? Well, not exactly. Buying an engagement ring can be a somewhat challenging task. Aside from the pressure to impress not only your fiancé but everyone they’re going to show it to, the industry is rife with jewelers determined on cutting a juicy deal for themselves at your expense. In this guide we’re going to share a few tips to help you find the perfect ring!

Define Your Budget

What’s the ideal budget for an engagement ring? While some jewelers are going to convince you that you’re obligated to spend at least two months of your wages on an engagement ring, we’re here to tell you that may not be necessary. In shopping for an engagement ring, stay within your fair shopping power; becoming indebted before your wedding won’t help anyone and it’s safe to assume your spouse would rather save some money than having an unnecessarily glitzy ring.

Being informed and choosing carefully on what styles and what diamond you want based on the 4Cs will go a long way in saving you some cash, while still curating that perfect ring.

Sorting Out Diamond Quality

There are four things you should take into consideration before buying a diamond. Or more specifically, four Cs;

  • Color: Diamonds come in various colors. This is indicated by a color grading scale spanning from D, or colorless, to Z, meaning light yellow. The priciest diamonds are usually colorless. But rather than just focusing on what’s pricey, try to focus more on what color scheme fits your fiancé’s style.

  • Clarity: This is a measure of how many imperfections are present in a diamond. The less imperfections the more rare and valuable a diamond is! We recommend you stay in the VS2-SI1 clarity range as they are great value for your money.

  • Cut: This refers to the geometric orientation and proportions of the diamond determined by the cutter. Perfectly cut diamonds do a great job of reflecting light through the diamond from facet to facet. This is what gives diamonds their characteristic sparkle.

  • Carat Weight: The carat weight denotes how heavy a diamond is. Just like with clarity – the heavier the diamond, the pricier it is.

Determine What Style

Ideally you want an engagement ring that perfectly captures the personal style and personality of your significant other. There are a myriad of options and styles you can choose from, but to make the ring special you’re going to want to pay close attention to your significant other’s taste.

To be successful in this phase of the buying process, you’re going to have to do a little investigative work. Browsing through your fiancé’s Pinterest or what jewelry they already have can give you a good idea of what you should be looking for. Another great tool for you is to just talk to some friends and family! Getting that second opinion could be exactly what you need when you’re stuck between a halo style engagement ring or a solitaire engagement ring.

Do a little research on some of the most popular diamond engagement ring style and diamond shapes at the moment. For example, you could choose between a pear shape, a princess shape, or an oval shape diamond. Once you’ve ironed that out, look into what ring style you want that diamond to be set on. Popular options include the halo, the bezel, and the classic solitaire ring.

Find The Right Ring Size

You could manage to get the most beautiful engagement ring in the world, but it wouldn’t exactly be perfect unless you get the right size. Make your life easier and avoid an extra trip to the jeweler for a resizing by measuring one of their rings before you make your purchase. How can you pull this off? Easy. Grab a ring they’re not using and head over to the jewelry shop and ask to get it measured. You’ll want to be discrete about this so that you don’t raise any suspicion.

With these tips on choosing the perfect ring, you’re more than ready to start the hunt! At the end of the day, as long as whatever configuration you decide on feels like a reflection of your fiancé’s personal style, you’re bound to love your ring. Chrysella’s custom jewelry is the perfect place to apply this guide and bring your dream ring to life. Visit us at our flagship store in Woodbridge, VA. Or check out our website at chrysella.com to see the styles mentioned in this article and more.