Gold Prices are Skyrocketing

Gold prices have made historic strides in the past few weeks according to sources such as Kitco and USA Gold. The summer months are a great time for buying opportunities when it comes to precious metals, and the gold market is proving that this summer. Now is the best time to sell your used or unwanted gold.  To […]

Selling Your Engagement Ring To A Jeweler: Everything You Need To Know

Perhaps you’ve recently moved on, experienced a recent divorce, or no longer wearing your engagement ring; either way, if you’re reading this blog, then you’re likely considering selling your engagement ring in exchange for some cash. However, before you head to your jeweler to sell your engagement ring, here are three essential factors to consider. […]

Where and How to Sell Your Jewelry – Northern Virginia

Maybe you’re getting into the spring-cleaning spirit, or perhaps you’re making like Marie Kondo and embracing a minimalistic approach to life – whatever the reason is, people often get a point where they want to sell old jewelry to make room for new pieces or simply to let go of things they no longer use. […]