Gold Prices are Skyrocketing

Gold prices have made historic strides in the past few weeks according to sources such as Kitco and USA Gold. The summer months are a great time for buying opportunities when it comes to precious metals, and the gold market is proving that this summer. Now is the best time to sell your used or unwanted gold. 

To sell your gold for the best price, it’s key to have a professional review and appraise your jewelry. Having a person with an eye for precious metals and jewelry give you a clear idea of what your piece is worth before you sell it provides you the necessary information to go into a selling opportunity with knowledge and leverage for the best price. Do your research and find a professional with the right credentials to give you a detailed, educated, and accurate appraisal.

Try finding a jewelry store that will both appraise and buy your jewelry. It makes the process that much easier on you and keeps you from running from location to location. Our Chrysella GIA graduate gemologists are an in-house resource for you if you’d like to sell your gold this summer while prices are high. Get expert insight on the price of your jewelry with the convenience of receiving an offer and selling your piece directly after. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us. We’d be happy to help you get the best compensation for your gold.

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