Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is almost here, and we’re trying to make this year’s gift better than the last. Father’s offer so much to their spouses, children, and community, and they should get the recognition they deserve. Keep reading for just a few unique Father’s Day gifts that are sure to show your dad how much you care.

Repair an Old Watch

This is a great option for all the sentimental father’s out there. If your dad, spouse, or grandfather has a watch that is outdated or no longer works, take it in to get it fixed and repurpose it as a gift this Father’s Day. Help your loved one continue to wear a cherished gift from the past and give it a new life. Click here to learn more about our repair services.

Personalize a Necklace

Something as simple as a dog tag or pendant with a sweet quote or date engraved is a perfect gift for those dads that don’t mind wearing jewelry. For a spouse, you could engrave your wedding date. If you’re giving it to your father, consider engraving the names of you and your siblings on the necklace. Not only is it a thoughtful present, it’s a piece that they can keep and wear forever. Check out some of our unisex necklace options here.

Get Quality Cufflinks

If your dad attends formal events regularly, a pair of quality cufflinks is a great option this Father’s Day. Give him a bit of flair with something entirely him. From unique shapes to gemstones, cufflinks are incredibly customizable, and you’re bound to find something that suits your father.

Go Shopping Together

While unconventional, this is a great option for pickier fathers or more indecisive children. Even if you aren’t shopping for someone with particular taste, looking for the perfect gift can be stressful. Make a day of it and go shopping with your loved one to find the gift they really want. If you’d like to keep an air of mystery, you can always have them pick out a few options and surprise them with one at a later date. More than anything, your loved one will enjoy spending quality time with you this Father’s Day.

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