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How to Buy an Engagement Ring 101

So you have a significant other that you are absolutely in love with. The timing is just right. They are dropping subtle hints that they’re ready for a long-term commitment. You’ve upheld the tradition of stating your wholehearted intentions to the parents. It feels as if all the stars have aligned for you to make one of the biggest decisions of your life to propose.

Forgetting anything? Perhaps… The Engagement Ring.

We understand this is one of the most important and difficult purchases one can make; that’s where we come in. Our world-class experts at Chrysella have the technical and stylistic expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Answering these 5 simple questions should make your engagement ring purchase a breeze:

1. What metal color and type does my significant other (SO) like?

We start with a handful of attractive options from you to choose from and take it from there: White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum. This is a complete matter of personal preference, however we will help you pick the one you feel is right.

Chrysella Tip: Make sure you get this step absolutely right. It may help to align this with your SO’s existing fashion and style preferences. For example, if they own primarily yellow gold jewelry and you would like to play it safe with something they’re sure to like: it’s probably best to stick with yellow gold.

2. How do I get the right finger size?

The most common ladies’ finger size in the US is 6.50. If you plan on keeping your proposal a surprise, you can ask her friend to take her window-shopping and casually ask the jeweler to measure her finger and report back to you.

Chrysella Tip: Be sure to ask if the ring can be easily resized. Our experienced Chrysella jewelers specialize in expert repairs which are key to maintaining the longevity of the ring.

3. What diamond shape should I get?

Back to geometry class! Although shape is purely a question of personal preference, the most common Diamond shape is Round Brilliant. Other common shapes are: Cushion, Princess, Oval, Pear, Heart, Emerald, Asscher and Triangle.

Chrysella Tip: If you are not sure what shape your SO prefers, take a quick peak at their Pinterest page or ask a close friend of theirs. There are clues everywhere!

4. What ring style does my SO prefer?

Ideally, you would want an engagement ring that matches the personal style and preference of your significant other. Spend some time figuring this part out. Doing so will not only score you massive romance points (everyone wants someone capable of nailing the fine details!), but it also ensures you avoid a significant misalignment between their ideal vision and the end product. Feel free to check out our Chrysella collection to see all the different styles to choose from.

Chrysella Tip: Covertly lure them into a jewelry store under the guise that you’re shopping for an item for yourself. “Hey honey, I’d like try on a few watches at this store.” As you express interest in the watch section, chances are they will take a glance at the store’s ring selection. If they’re gazing at something for a while, chime in and gauge interest!

5. What quality diamond is acceptable?

The best diamond for your engagement ring is not necessarily the most expensive. What does that mean? It means you have options to choose a diamond that your SO is going to love at a price that fits your budget. How is this possible?

The first step is to define your budget. We then suggest you thoroughly go through and understand the Four C’s of diamonds. With a clear budget in hand and an understanding of the Four C’s, our seasoned jewelers will walk you through different diamond options and explain the relative value. We promise you will love this experience with our GIA trained Gemologists!

Chrysella Tip: Only buy GIA Graded diamonds with laboratory reports, as GIA – the world’s most trusted and recognized authority on diamond quality – adheres to strict, fair and consistent grading.

Ready to go shopping?

Find the perfect jeweler. The perfect jeweler is one who understands your needs and provides you with the best shopping experience; everything from answering your questions to helping you make an informed decision and providing you with the best possible value.

Once you’ve settled for a jeweler, the buying process itself is straightforward. And provided you followed what you have learned so far, you should be purchasing a high-quality diamond engagement ring that’s sure to excite your SO. It’s also a good idea to insure the ring you’ve just purchased. Engagement rings don’t come cheap and the last thing you want is losing everything if it manages to get lost or stolen. Thankfully, there are several insurance policies to choose from, each with its specifics as it relates to coverage and premiums. Again, our jewelers will be there to help you select the best insurance coverage option.

So, engagement ring. Check. Insurance. Check. A fiancé(e) who’s has been waiting for long enough. Check. What are you waiting for? It’s time to propose!

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