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Oval cut diamonds have the rare characteristic of possessing the undeniable class of a vintage look, while simultaneously boasting the unique boldness of the finest contemporary styles. As they quickly rise in popularity to being one of 2021s favorite diamond shapes, our Chrysella experts have some interesting facts to familiarize you with 2021s most popular shaped diamond; the oval.

A Russian diamond cutter named Lazare Kaplan first debuted the oval diamond in 1957. Quickly becoming a hit around the world, the shape has been a favorite for all sorts of pieces of jewelry for nearly 70 years now. Just like all round diamonds, oval diamonds are brilliant-cut. Brilliant cuts are famous for their brightness, fire, and scintillation. The oval shape diamond combines a unique elongated look, with all the hallmarks of the brilliant cut diamond. Therefore, creating the perfect look.

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What We Love About Ovals

Perspective – Shoppers love an oval cut diamonds ability to slender their finger. The oval cut diamonds unique, elongated shape sitting parallel on ones finger creates a thinning effect on the wearer’s finger. In addition, the shape has a tendency to appear larger than diamonds of the same carat size in different shapes due to its larger surface area. This is especially noticeable when comparing to the other brilliant-cut shape, round diamonds.

Affordability – What if we told you that you could purchase a diamond that looks larger, for less money? Oval cut diamonds can cost roughly up to 25% less than a round diamond on average. The cost savings even applies when the two diamonds are the same carat weight! This is due to the fact that the shape of the oval cut allows diamond cutters to cut away less of the original rough diamond during the shaping process, creating less labor in the process. With this difference in price, shoppers have more freedom to go for higher grade diamonds without breaking your budget.

Everyday Wear – Oval shaped diamonds lack the pointed edges or corners that are hallmarks of other shapes (Marquees, Pear, Square, Triangle, Etc.) Diamonds with sharp edges and corners are more likely to get caught in materials and scratch during everyday wear. The smooth edges of oval cut diamonds and round diamonds are less at risk to this damage, potentially saving you frequent trips to your jeweler for tightening’s, and even chipping your stone.

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Things To Consider

Bowtie Effect – The shape of an oval cut diamond leads to one guaranteed thing, and that’s the bowtie effect. The bowtie effect is a common characteristic of many oval cut diamonds. Due to the shape and the cut of the diamond, there is a small section in the center where light does not reflect properly. The intensity of this effect varies on the quality of the cut, and can sometimes distract from the overall beauty of the diamond. At Chrysellla, we aim to choose oval cut diamonds that have the least noticeable bowtie effect possible. We encourage you to work with your local jeweler to inspect your oval cut diamond to ensure it does not have an overwhelming bowtie effect.

Polish & Symmetry – The unique shape of oval shaped diamonds requires the most expert level of attention. It may be difficult to find an oval shaped diamond with excellent polish and symmetry. When purchasing an oval diamond, consult with your jeweler and ask if the diamond is accompanied by a GIA grading report, that in addition to the diamonds 4C’s, features the diamonds measurements and finish. The diamonds finish (polish & symmetry) can highly impact the diamonds overall beauty. This grading report will be the best way for you to ensure you are purchasing a high quality diamond, and answer any question you may have.

The Trend

According to WithClarity, oval shaped diamonds are skyrocketing in popularity heading into the bridal season of 2021. Refinery29 claims that ever since model Jasmine Tooks posted her oval-shaped diamond engagement ring in September of 2019, the shape has continuously grown in popularity. You can also find oval shaped diamonds on the hands of celebrities like Salma Hayek, Blake Lively, and Heidi Klum. More and more people are falling in love with oval diamond’s unique shape, beautiful style, and affordable price.

As we enter 2021’s upcoming wedding season, ask your local jeweler about their selection of oval cut diamonds. You might just find the perfect diamond for you. Click here to shop Chrysella’s oval cut diamond selection.

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