Men’s Designer Bands

Gentlemen, long gone are the days where you’re stuck wearing a plain gold or silver wedding band. Traditional wedding bands will never be out of fashion but why limit yourself to basic? It’s only fair that we shake things up a bit and start offering some variety. It’s 2019, change is in the air, and it’s high time that men get to add a little uniqueness to your rings.

When it comes time to pick a groom’s wedding band, there are some factors to consider: Do you live an active lifestyle? Would you prefer a little more glam or a little more bling? Are you likely to damage it due to hands-on work? Whatever the case, here are some options when choosing the band itself:


Tungsten has an extremely high melting point and scratch resistant surface. This is practical for any man that works with their hands and could be putting their ring in harm’s way. And we love the dark color of this ring with the subtle blue groove.


While platinum is more expensive due to its rarity, it is a durable option. It is a dense and highly unreactive metal so a ring that is as strong and lasting as this is more of an investment than others that may scratch or succumb to damage. The fun diamond shapes engraved into this simple yet elegant band are classy and intricate.


Traditionally the 5 year wedding anniversary gift, wood is a beautiful and unique choice for a men’s band. Though the material is not quite as tough and doesn’t get along with an active lifestyle as well as other options, they are generally more inexpensive. An excellent option for the urban lumberjack who loves flannel but has never touched an axe.


This metal is what most gentlemen think of first and we are all for it. It is classic, durable, and readily available. Don’t like the yellow coloring? Go for white gold! And you can jazz up a classic gold band with some fine details and a unique shape, like the one below.

Unique Designs

Bands definitely don’t have to be plain anymore. Look into a ring with a design that interests you. There are plenty of beautiful options, such as the three below, Sculptural, Celtic, & Nature-inspired:

Diamonds Are a Man’s Best Friend

More men are getting sparkly with their rings and that’s awesome. Add some bling to your ring and show that bad boy off. You know you want to!

If you’re interested in any of these rings or others, please check out Chrysella’s men’s designer bands. We would be more than happy to answer questions or discuss designing a custom ring for you.

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