Chrysella Community Spotlight: Vanessa Keeler, Mary Kay

Welcome to the first Chrysella Community Spotlight! As a small business, we value the importance and integral part that small businesses play in our local community. We love our community, and this is our way of giving back. In the first of many short interviews, through our spotlight series we hope to share the stories of exceptional local businesses, business professionals, and members within our community.

This week we will be highlighting our wonderful customer and local skin care specialist of Mary Kay, Mrs. Vanessa Keeler. Vanessa has worked throughout the greater Northern Virginia area for nearly 20 years, providing our community with top of the line skin care and make up products. In this short interview with Vanessa, we got to know a little more about her background and are excited to share her platform with our Chrysella community.

  • What is the story behind your business?

Vanessa Keeler has been a Mary Kay consultant for over 19 years, and a sales director for 17 of her 19 years. Vanessa credits much of her success and entrepreneurial spirit to her sister, who encouraged her to explore the world of sales. At the time, Vanessa was already engaged in another line of work, and believed that she was just too shy to be in sales. Vanessa’s sister was finally successful in convincing her that she would love working with people in a rewarding sales environment. Over 20 years later, Vanessa has not looked back and is highly successful in her field.

  • Who is your ideal clientele?

Everyone is the ideal client for a skincare specialist! Vanessa says she looks to work with “Anyone who is interested in taking care of their skin, male or female. Everyone has skin and everyone has to pamper themselves.”

Vanessa’s line of products can surely help anyone looking to rejuvenate and refresh their skin. Mary Kay’s product line is extensive and has something for everyone. Shop Vanessa’s skin care products by visiting this link.

  • Tell us about yourself.

When you meet Vanessa, you’d never believe she was shy when she first started out as an entrepreneur. “I was shy, but always pushed myself to put myself out there.” Vanessa said talking about what she was like before she started her business. Receiving a degree in broadcast journalism from Ball State University, Vanessa had been a producer for a television show in the city of Indianapolis. While in show business, she was constantly surrounded by artists and naturally gregarious people. Overtime their outspoken charm began to rub off on her, and now Vanessa’s outgoing and welcoming personality is the first thing you’ll notice when speaking with her.

Vanessa also loves spending time with her family and has been married to her wonderful husband for 34 years. She has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Vanessa also loves to travel and even lived in Germany for a time when her husband was serving in the U.S. Army. While in Germany Vanessa spent most of her time working as a Public Affairs Officer for the DOA and volunteering for the Wives Club.

  • What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

“The follow up.” Mary Kay’s Elite Executive National Sales Director, Gloria Mayfield-Banks, happens to be Vanessa’s personal mentor. On their weekly conference call the piece of advice she always hears is “the key is in the follow up.” It’s important to remember that clients sometimes need an extra level of attention and customer service to earn your trust and purchase from you. Following up with a customer to make sure they haven’t slipped away and offering them a friendly reminder is one of her keys to never losing a sale.

Vanessa’s experience, diligence, and love for her family and others make Vanessa and exceptional entrepreneur and member of our community. We’re thankful to have her as both a friend and client of Chrysella. Visit Vanessa’s Mary Kay product line by visiting this link and purchase the perfect skin care products just in time for the holiday season.

“I love my Mary Kay career and feel truly blessed to help others look and feel great through this business.” – Vanessa Keeler

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