Avoid Overpaying For Your Engagement Ring: What You Need To Know

The purchase of your diamond engagement ring is a big investment – but you don’t want to make it a bigger investment than it should be! Many jewelers are open and honest about their pricing, but what about those retailers who aren’t so transparent? To avoid overpaying for your engagement ring, we list here the essential credentials to check, before you decide to part with any money.

What You Need To Look Out For

Aside from the retail mark-up, every diamond ring is determined by the following material characteristics:

  • The quality of the diamond
  • The market value of the metal
  • The quality of craftsmanship

Understanding The Quality Of A Diamond: The Four C’s

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Each diamond is priced based on four qualities: Clarity, color, cut, and carat weight:


The Clarity of a diamond is determined by the visibility of any flaws in or on the surface of a diamond.  Almost all diamonds contain naturally occurring internal characteristics called inclusions. The size, nature, location and number of inclusions determine a diamonds clarity grade and affects the value of a diamond; the fewer inclusions in a diamond the greater its value.


A diamond’s weight is measured in Carats. Since one carat equals one hundred points, a fifty-point diamond is one-half carat in weight.  In general, the higher the carat weight, the larger the size. The size of a diamond is the easiest quality for an inexperienced buyer to judge.


A diamond’s Color ranges from “D” which is no color, to “Z”, which is a light yellow. The closer a diamond comes to being colorless, the more valuable it is.  A diamond with “D” color on the color grading scale has perfect color.


Cut is not the same as shape; shape is a matter of personal preference, but the quality of the cut determines whether light will be properly reflected through the diamond and the color properly dispersed. An ideal cut diamond is cut to precise calculated proportions to produce the maximum brilliance and symmetry.  Diamonds that adhere to these precise proportions are truly a rare find.

Understanding the valuation of a diamond before being set into an engagement ring will go a long way to helping you know the exact value of your jewelry, and will help ensure you don’t end up overpaying for your engagement ring.

It’s also important to understand that each of the four C’s have a different weighting on the overall price of the stone, with Cut being the most important and Carat Weight being the least. Knowing this, you could always sacrifice slightly on Clarity or Carat Weight, for the perfect Cut. A good jeweler could cover tiny imperfections with the right setting, so compromising and selecting a stone with an imperfect Clarity could save you some money.

Know The Market Value Of The Metal

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The type of metal used in the ring will also affect an engagement ring’s cost, but also the overall market value of that metal. The price of gold continually fluctuates with market adjustments and will have a bearing on the end price that your ring is worth – it’s worth checking this before you decide to have a custom ring made for you or before looking at a range of ready-made engagement rings. If you understand how well gold is selling in the markets, then you avoid being ripped off at retail.

The refinement of gold, or Karat, will also determine the final price. Gold is hardened with alloy to strengthen it for jewelry and to make it suitable for wearing every day, but the ratio of how much gold to alloy will determine the Karat rating, and the price. For example, a 10K ring is comprised of 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy (more alloy than gold), whereas a 14K engagement ring will contain 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy metal (more gold than alloy), making the latter the more expensive option with a higher amount of gold. Knowing the expected cost for each Karat level will help you to avoid overpaying when it comes to buying your ring.

Check The Quality Of Craftsmanship

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The quality of craftsmanship from one jeweler to the next can vary significantly, and a higher quality of craftsmanship is undoubtedly worth investing in. To ensure you’re getting a high-quality piece from your jeweler, you need to check the balance of the ring and ensure that there are no blemishes in the metal or the finish. You could visit the jeweler in person or, if you are looking at buying online, check to see if the jeweler has any testimonials from previous customers. Social media pages and a jeweler’s own website should give a good indication if their customers are happy, and that their jewelry has gone the distance.

At Chrysella, we stand behind every single piece of jewelry that we make with complete confidence, knowing every engagement ring that we make will truly stand the test of time. Our superior craftsmanship is guaranteed for the entire lifetime of your jewelry, so you can rest assured that you can wear your jewelry with complete peace of mind. If you want to know more about our lifetime commitment, speak to our customer care team, or if you want to see what our customers are saying, read our reviews across google, yelp and social media!

The difference in price between a specialty jeweler and an independent jewelry store will generally be that a specialty store’s offering will be slightly higher, usually due to more elaborate, creative and original designs than that of a mass market retailer, and a higher level of refinement and quality when making your ring. Just remember that it’s not worth comparing the price of a ring from a specialist with that of a mass retailer; a mass retailer’s margins, overheads, and quality of product will be completely different.

Avoid Overpaying For Your Engagement Ring | Chrysella Fine Jewelry

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We are always entirely transparent about the cost of our engagement rings. Whether you choose to shop in-store or online with us, we will openly show you the various grades of diamond available, across every single style we make. We cater for both simplistic and elaborate designs, across both ready-made and bespoke jewelry. Want to know more? Explore our collection of signature engagement rings, or get in touch to discuss your requirements by calling us or using the contact form here.

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