Top 3 Engagement Ring Styles for 2020

This year the top engagement rings styles are departing from the traditional solitaire and vintage styles to a new trend of hidden halo, three stone and color accented engagement rings.

A few other trends our designers have picked up on are that yellow gold and rose gold are soaring in popularity once again. The different metal color enhances the sparkle of the stones and adds to the attractiveness of the whole ring when used as bands with white gold or platinum mounts or vice versa.

Another trend we’re closely following is the vintage cushion cut diamond ring. The vintage cushion cut diamond may be back in vogue but not always in the way it was as it may be encased by any number of modern mounts with halos and accent stones and even with colored stones for contrast. These not only look good but serve to enhance the beauty of the main stone.

IMG 2105

3 Stone Diamond Ring

One of the top three most popular styles this year must be the 3 stone diamond ring. A style which has regained interest since being the choice of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. With new shapes for the main stone such as pears, marquis, heart and ovals and accent stones that add a unique perspective in color shape or both. The style is the same but the options are enormous, such as the beautiful examples shown here.

IMG 2096

Non-Round Stone on A Hidden Halo Mount Ring

Another contender for the top spot in a diamond ring, must be the unique look of a non-round stone combined with delicate accent stones on a hidden halo mount. Bringing charm and elegance to any finger these beautiful designs can be crafted in platinum, white or yellow gold, or rhodium plated for an individual style to suit any engagement, with each being as individual as it’s wearer. Take a look at these beautiful examples on our website.

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Colored Accents Rings

The top spot though goes to the most individual look of them all, the ring with unconventional mounts and colored accents. The style so open to interpretation that it seems endless. The new bride to be is looking for an engagement ring to express the love it represents, and as such double stoned rings and rings with double bands are becoming very popular. The style of these unconventional mounts allows for these and even side set stones that sit nicely on any finger next to a wedding band. See some double stone examples here.

The one thing every man wants when proposing marriage is to give his fiancé, is a ring she will be proud to wear. This year more than ever, the style choice is so adaptable that finding that special ring is inevitable.

Now that you have some ideas, are you ready to start working on your custom engagement ring? Start building the perfect ring with Chrysella here.