Cleaning Your Gold Jewelry

Have you cleaned your jewelry recently? Taking care of your jewelry is essential if you want to keep it looking beautiful and ready to be worn for any occasion. If you forget the importance of cleaning and maintenance, your favorite piece of jewelry might fall victim to tarnish and damage. Regular cleaning and following some […]

Why Now Is The Time To Sell Your Gold

The current price The price of gold is skyrocketing like never before. As of August 6th, gold has been climbing up to historic prices. Now reaching an all-time high of $2060 per ounce, gold has been on an upward climb for several weeks now. With nearly a 40% increase in value in 2020 alone, it’s […]

Gold Prices are Skyrocketing

Gold prices have made historic strides in the past few weeks according to sources such as Kitco and USA Gold. The summer months are a great time for buying opportunities when it comes to precious metals, and the gold market is proving that this summer. Now is the best time to sell your used or unwanted gold.  To […]