Five Reasons Why Oval Diamond Engagement Rings are Soaring in Popularity

Over the past few years, engagement ring trends have seen elongated diamond cuts increase in popularity, including marquise and pear styles.

The shape topping the charts for the most popular diamond shape in 2021? The oval diamond.

Oval diamonds have become as sought after as the ever-popular round diamond for engagement rings.

Unsure of why to opt for an oval diamond engagement ring? Let us help you decide with five reasons this style is soaring in popularity in 2021.

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1. More Bling For Your Buck

Put quite simply, oval-cut diamonds will give you more diamond for your money, as they appear larger than their round counterparts.

Due to the elongated cut, smaller oval diamonds appear as big as an equivalent round diamond of the same weight, often costing less. An obvious reason for many ring buyers choosing an oval over a round-cut diamond: more bling for your buck!

Fact: oval cut diamonds, on average, can cost roughly 25% less than a round-cut diamond.

Additionally, oval diamonds offer equal brilliance and fire to a round diamond, faceted in a brilliant cut. Brilliant cuts are renowned for their fire and brilliance.

With no compromise on sparkle and greater impact, it’s easy to see why many buyers prefer an oval diamond engagement ring.

Buying Tip: Look Out for the Bow Tie Effect

The bow-tie effect is created by the angle of the facets across the widest part of an oval diamond; this area refracts less light than the narrower ends, creating a darker shadow in the center. This shadow is a feature that every oval cut gemstone will have, to differing degrees ranging from barely noticeable to severe; the degree of severity is dependant on other characteristics of the diamond.

Need to know more? We can inspect diamond quality and advise on the effects of the ‘bow tie’ in an oval diamond before you purchase. Contact us here.

2. Unique in Style

Yes, you could stick to a traditional round diamond shape, but many discerning ring shoppers are looking for more unique styles to stand out from the crowd. Classic shapes no longer equate to being the most luxurious ring in today’s engagement ring market. Instead, many couples-to-be are searching for exciting and unique styles, hence the massive rise in popularity for the more contemporary oval cut.

Oval diamonds can be fixed in either an East-West or North-South setting (horizontal or vertical), meaning many different ring designs are available.

Opt for a North-South orientation for a more traditional setting (lying vertically in symmetry with the finger). This design is also incredibly flattering and elongates fingers with its slender shape.

For a more contemporary design, search for East-West set oval diamonds. Rarer than the North-South setting but with as much brilliance and sparkle, this is the perfect ring for those desiring modern style.

Whichever orientation suits your preference, oval diamonds look great emphasized with a dazzling halo, pave or a trilogy setting for extra sparkle.

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3. Ratio: No Oval Diamonds are the Same

Unique in design but also in cut, every oval diamond will possess individual length and width.

Generally, most oval diamonds are cut to a ratio of 1.30-1.50 in length-to-width. However, oval cuts are available in longer or wider shapes dependant on the length-to-width ratio.

This wide variety allows scope for diamond size and form to suit personal style.

Many prefer a high length to width ratio, reflecting a longer diamond shape that flatters and elongates the finger.

4. Modern and Contemporary

The oval cut hasn’t been around for long. Introduced by diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan in 1957, the shape is a relatively modern addition to diamond engagement rings.


From its introduction to the jewelry market, popularity for this diamond cut has soared, reaching new highs in demand in 2020. Ring buyers around the world are requesting attractive oval-diamond designs from their jewelers.


The rise in recent popularity has been reinforced by many Hollywood celebrities opting for an oval diamond engagement ring, such as Blake Lively’s classic solitaire oval diamond on a thin band, and Hayley Beiber’s elegant oval diamond pave ring.

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5. Versatile: Oval Diamonds Suit a Variety of Settings

Another reason the oval cut diamond has soared in popularity is its versatile application to a wide range of ring designs.

Whether it’s a minimalist solitaire setting on a slender band, or a more romantic design with vintage milgrain and pave embellishments, there is a wide range of styles to choose from.

Following the recent soar in popularity, more and more jewelers are creating exciting new designs to suit the oval diamond. With a growing range of designs available to match the increase in demand, there is truly a style out there for everyone.

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