Diamond-Alternative Engagement Rings: Morganite

We’re just past the season of engagements, and you may be sick of all the new rings featured on your friends’ Instagram accounts, or you may be excitingly scrolling through them to get some inspiration for your own future engagement. Looking for engagement rings is an exciting time in your life! This is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own, carrying tons of sentimental significance. As we all know, a diamond is the usual stone used in engagement rings, but more and more people are straying away from the traditional diamond and branching out to different gemstones. Perhaps you’re interested in affordability or environmentally and socially sustainable options, or maybe you’re interested in a completely unique look – either way, there are plenty of interesting gemstones that can be used in place of a diamond for your engagement ring. Today we’re highlighting morganite, a hopeless romantic’s dream.

What is Morganite

Morganite is a precious and rare gemstone similar to emerald and aquamarine. Also known as vorobevite, the stone was originally named for financier J.P. Morgan. Morganite is often heat-treated to improve the color, which gets rid of the yellow or orange tint these stones sometimes carry. That leaves you with a stable pink color that won’t fade.

Fun fact: morganite is considered a symbol of divine love in lore and mythology. It is said to bring compassion, promise, assurance, and healing – all great sentiments to have for an engagement ring!

Morganite vs Diamond

Morganite vs Diamond 1
Image via The Diamond Authority

Where diamond lacks in creativity and affordability, morganite really excels. The soft pink tone is gorgeous against a gold or rose gold setting, especially, but it also stands out strikingly against white gold and silver settings. You have some flexibility in the different hues with morganite, as well, from soft peach to salmon. If you’re dead set on a pink stone, this is a great and affordable option against a pink diamond. With morganite, you are able to step away from the traditional look of a diamond but maintain a romantic and vintage style.

The appearance is the biggest appeal for morganites, but there are some downsides that you should consider before committing to this gorgeous stone. Diamonds are the hardest possible stones out there, making it a great and popular option for engagement rings which are often worn 24/7. Morganite, on the other hand, is a little less durable, which may make it more prone to scratches and damage. Additionally, morganite can be hard to keep clean. Many women with morganite rings complain that they need to clean it twice a week to keep that captivating shine. That said, the stone is easy to clean, so for those who don’t mind a little extra maintenance, this could still be a great option.

Morganite is not nearly as expensive as diamonds, so some may consider it to be a worse investment. However, if you’re interested in a unique look with a rare and precious stone that doesn’t break the bank, it may jut be the ring for you.

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