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Why buy lab grown?

The Future of Gemstones

Get more size, quality, and diamond for less.

Lab Grown Diamonds have become one of the most popular gemstones around in recent years. Lab Grown Diamonds offer smaller ecological footprint, amazing value, and a breath of fresh air.

Carbon Footprint

Made in controlled circumstances, manufactured diamonds offer minimal environmental impact.


Get diamonds up to 30% larger, for the same price point.

Lab Grown Diamond Moissanite

Not A Simulant

A lab grown diamond is unlike Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite. These man made diamonds are chemically identical to a natural diamond. Gemstones like Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia capture the look of diamond, but can easily be differentiated from what they’re trying to imitate. But when it comes to Lab Grown Diamonds, even well trained gemologists would struggle to identify a lab grown diamond from a natural without the proper professional grade equipment.


The 4 C's

Every lab diamond is chemically and structurally unique from each other, just like natural diamonds. These lab grown diamonds will still have inclusions, varying color grades, varying clarity grades, as well as different cuts and carats. They are graded by independent gemological institutions, using the same process used for natural diamonds.


Our lab diamonds are completely mining and conflict free, from beginning to end. Being created under completely controlled circumstances, the environmentally taxing mining process is completely removed for a much cleaner and safer alternative.


Meticulously crafted, expertly graded, and a unique breath of fresh air. Browse our hand picked selection of certified lab grown diamonds today.

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Our Mission

We believe luxury can be both beautiful and conscientious. With innovative technology and sustainable practices, we’re leading a revolution in the jewelry industry – delivering a brilliant product at an extraordinary value balanced with environmental and social responsibility.