10 Fascinating Facts About Diamonds

Diamonds aren’t merely a beautiful stone. Their origins, uses, and rarity makes them one of the most fascinating, naturally-occurring wonders of the Earth. We celebrate this beautiful gemstone with ten of our favorite and lesser-known facts about diamonds.

10 Facts

1. The word diamond comes from the Latin phrase “Adamas”, meaning unbreakable or invincible. The name fits perfectly, as diamonds are the hardest natural substance around; incredibly hardwearing and virtually indestructible. The only material that can scratch the surface of a diamond is another diamond!

2. Diamonds are billions of years old – in some cases, more than 3.5 billion years old.

3. Diamonds are hard to find and require extensive mining to locate. Often 200-250 tons of ore is mined to produce just one single-carat diamond.

ap 17088294714233 custom a1f71b765ec8f8d4fae62dcc0d8df489c10e13d04. The combination of rarity and age of these beautiful gemstones makes diamonds the most sought after gem on the market, often with the highest value. Some of the most expensive diamond rings have made history with their high price tag! The most expensive diamond ring to ever be sold was the 59.60-carat Pink Star Diamond, reaching a whopping $71.2 million at auction.

5. Naturally-occurring diamonds are a form of carbon created through pressure and heat, deep under the Earth’s surface. Over time, these precious gemstones rise to the Earth’s surface through a process of volcanic eruptions and plate movement.

6. Around 80% of diamonds found are applied to industrial purposes. To name a few, these uses include surgical scalpels, mining tools, and military equipment.

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7. Based on their chemical balance, diamonds can come in various colors. From vibrant colors like yellow, pink, and red, to cooler colors like blue, purple, and green.

8. During ancient times, Greeks and Romans who discovered diamonds believed them to bless the wearer with strength. They would often stud their armor with diamond gemstones to protect them in battle.

9. The first documented use of a diamond used in an engagement ring was in 1477, when Maximillian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a gold band, encrusted with diamonds in the shape of the letter ‘M’.

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10. Diamonds are mined in massive quantities each year, with a total of 28,000 tonnes or 130 million carats of diamonds mined annually.

These facts just scratch the surface of all the interesting things about diamonds. Check out this resource from our friends at the Gemology Institute Association where they dig a bit deeper into information about diamonds. And if after this you’re interested in shopping around some diamonds, look no further than Chrysella.com